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Hi there!

This blog was originally put together to attend a bang. After the great tumbleh fuckening (also known as the Nipplegate), I realized I wanted a place to gather my writing stuff. So, here you have it. I'm trying to post semi-regularly about my writing, podcasts, about my life (restricted access only), and other stuff. If nothing else, I might partake some memes to create content. I like comments so you're free to comment the hell out of my posts. You're also welcome to link my public posts in your own and add your two cents, but I'd prefer you not to copy/paste my whole entries, thank you.

In real life I’m a nurse and a single Mom to one teen and a husky who thinks she's a cross breed between Chewbacka and a Persian cat. I read fanfic on my Kindle and I'd like to knit more because knitting is good for the soul. I have way too many skeins of gorgeous yarn I'm not knitting into anything. What a waste.

I lost a lot of friends when I deleted my tumbleh. Poke me if we knew each other back then, okay? I miss my peeps.
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